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And that's how it started...

Initially recognized and loved by the people of Ano Patisia district, but very quickly its fame spread and the company grew.


Today, the newly renovated space welcomes you in a warm, comfy environment in the winter, while at the same time it has a beautiful open space for the summer period. For years, it remains firmly in the preferences of the Athenians. The ingredients of its success are due to the friendly staff, the combination of modern Cretan and Naxian cuisine, the live events it organizes, as well as its excellent prices.


Open every day from 10:00 am until 02:00 pm, on your arrival you will always meet new people from all over the city, both to enjoy their coffee and a quality meal.

The high-quality raw materials, the dishes that glorify the cuisine of island Naxos, combined with the most suitable music, are the characteristics that make you want to make it your daily hangout.


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